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The Latin American Studies Consortium of 

New England

The Latin American Studies Consortium of New England (LASCNE) unites the Latin American Studies programs of the University of Connecticut (UConn), Brown University, the University of Massachusetts (UMass), and Yale University in a public-private, tri-state partnership to expand and improve teaching and research on Latin America and the Caribbean in the greater New England region. We pursue this mission through formal academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, faculty and student exchanges, scholarly conferences and colloquia, support of faculty and graduate student research, and public outreach programs.

UConn, Brown and Yale offer B. A. degrees in Latin American Studies, while UMass offers an undergraduate certificate and minor. UConn offers an M.A. in Latin American Studies, although study at Master's level is also available at the other schools through discipline-based programs. Doctoral study is available at each partner school. A comprehensive array of area courses covering all of Latin America and the Caribbean is available to Latin Americanists students at LASCNE institutions through cooperative agreements regarding enrollment in courses and faculty exchanges. Each campus provides instruction in Spanish and Portuguese. Buttressing student and faculty exchanges is the agreement among our libraries to provide access and borrowing privileges for LASCNE students, faculty and visiting scholars, opening to them a resource of some 800,000 volumes and nearly 5,000 serials covering all aspects of the region.

Our faculty, which number approximately 130, include some of the most distinguished scholars working on Latin America and the Caribbean today as well as promising younger scholars. They offer courses in traditional disciplines, as well as in professional programs for business, law, forestry and environmental studies, health and medicine, and region planning. As active researchers, our faculty also help connect our students to research and study opportunities in all areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.

LASCNE facilitates learning about the region in the community at large through outreach programs for k-postsecondary educators, the business community and general public, and by providing expertise to the media. Outreach programs extend the range and impact of our faculty, students and resources to thousands of people yearly.

For more information, please contact the individual center below:

Yale University
Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies
34 Hillhouse Ave, Suite 309 New Haven, CT 06520-820
Tel: (203)432-3422
Fax: (203)432-9381

Brown University
Center for Latin American Studies
PO Box 1970
Providence, RI 02912-1866
Tel: (401)863-2106
Fax: (401)863-2121

University of Connecticut
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
2006 Hillside Road, Unit 1161
Storrs, CT 06269-1161
Tel: (860)486-4964
Fax: (860)486-2963

University of Massachusetts
Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies 
Thomas 924
Amherst, MA 01003
Tel: (413)545-4648
Fax: (413)545-1244
E-mail: Atessier@econs.